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how to plan for your trip, travel sites, travel agents, things to know before you go, what not to do while you are there, how to find a tour guide who speaks English and Japanese, where to stay, flights and trains, etc

Want an anime themed tour? This is the place to book your trip through, Tours are always change for which ones are available. It’s a lengthy trip and not a weekend getaway. Many have given the tour group raving reviews.


Things to know before you go
Japan has it’s own unique culture and many are formal and mannerly. Be sure to know the proper etiquette before you go.  You don’t want to offend anyone! You should know when to remove your shoes, who eats first, how to do greetings, table manners, transportation, bathroom, public bath, etc.


Things to do in Japan
Explore Japan –
Otaku themed stuff –

Butaitanbou, which translates as “scene hunting” or Seichijunrei, which translates as “holy land pilgrimage”. – article and and


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