Summer is in full swing!

Man is it hot in Hampton Roads!  We’ve been in the 90’s-100’s, not counting the heat index!  This is probably one of our hottest years on record.  It’s because we had such a mild winter this year.

We’ve finally broke 150+ members on our facebook page!  Now remember, you can log in to our site using your facebook accounts as well as google+ and twitter accounts.  Just select log in and select the icon you want to log in with for that social network.

We are planning on revamping the calendar.  Our goal is to have an easy to use calendar when everyone can add events to it that are coming up that are anime related from conventions to social events to club meetings that you want everyone in the community to hear about.  We are searching for a new plug in for the calendar and also searching the net to see if we can find a calendar app somewhere where we can still use the social network connection login thing to keep it eaiser for everyone, so you won’t have to remember all of those passwords.

We are also searching for a better forum plug in and scouring the net as well for a better message forum to have on the site. This one is kinda easy, but you’ve got to understanding some coding, so it’s not all user friendly like what we want.  We also are searching for better ways to display which members have been to the site as well as find a way to make the profiles for you more customizeable.  Right now, all you can do is change your avatar and edit which email is on file here.

Make sure you also join our mailing list!  We are searching for a way to compile a mailing list besides just having people email us at for us to add that email addy to the address book.

We are looking for people who can dedicate some time to help out on the site. We are looking for forum moderators as well as for all members to contribute more on the site here.

We’ve got site projects that are slow going and need everyone’s help on them.  The pages will be built soon, but we need more data to add to them.

It’s also convention season in the area and things are in full swing. We’ve got AMA and Animazement down, Otakon is the weekend after next, and then we get a small break before Nekocon and AUSA arrive by the fall.  Be sure to keep hydrated, eat, and make sure that proper hygene is enforced.  We will be having a page on con ettiquette and have it covering about hygene as well.  Say NO to con funk!

It’s on the table right now, so to speak, about getting something set up to show that you are members of the society.  We are working on, and it’s in the planning process right now, on perhaps business cards for now, that have a pledge on them stating that you are a proud member  of the HRAS and that you support the industry.  We are thinking about putting your join date on them as well.  Maybe make them 2-sided or something.  Eventually, these id cards will come in handy to be used at local stores that give us discounts and special sales, such as Trilogy comics, and be used for social events when we have a big group.  Many things are in the pipeline right now for you guys, but we need more participation as well as to see the number of members continue to grow.  We are thinking about requesting a membership fee of $1 to cover the cost per card and to donate that money to a local charity and/or something like I heart japan.  We are non-profit and will continue to do so.  We are not official legally yet, but it depends on how far you guys want to take this.  There are a lot of legalities and money that has to be spent to make this 100% official besides a non-official group of anime fans.