Recipe: Vegetable Tempura from "Fate/Stay Night: UBW"

Recipe: Vegetable Tempura from “Fate/Stay Night: UBW”

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Vegetable Tempura from Fate/Stay Night: Ultimate Blade Works –


What you will need:

For the batter

All-purpose flour – 1 cup (~200 ml)
karakuriko (Potato starch flour) ((corn starch will work here too)) – 2 tbsp
ice cold water – 2/3 cup (~150ml)
mayonnaise – 1 tbsp
vinegar – 1 tbsp
salt – 1 dash

For the rest of the dish

Veggies that you like! Common ones are
broccoli – 1 cup
sliced carrots – 1 cup
mushrooms – 1 cup
onion (Only peel it. Do not cut it up beyond cutting it in half!) – ½
sliced sweet potatoes – 1 cup
sliced lotus root – 1 cup
bell pepper strips green, red, yellow, orange) any are okay. – 1 cup
cubed squash (yellow, kabocha, etc) – 1 cup


Serves about 2-5 people depending on how much you cook/make. I recommend the amount of batter for about 2 cups of veggies. So simply double/triple the batter if you are cooking more!

FSN UBW - Tempura 2

How to Cook It:

  1. Slowly heat up your frying oil to about 335°F/170°C. Heat it up slowly so it does not spit!

  2. Take everything for the batter and mix it stirring rapidly. The trick is to NOT let this reach room temperature. In fact, between frying batches, put the batter in the fridge. When you are ready to make the next batch, simply take it out, stir it quickly, and then dip away!

  3. Test the oil once it reaches temperature by dipping a fork or chopstick in the batter and drop a few drops of batter into the oil. If it floats, then you’re ready!

  4. Begin by dipping your veggies in the batter and then plunge them into the oil.

  5. They would be in there for about 3-5 minutes and then it will be done. Honestly, the lower times are for thin things like mushrooms, carrots and onions. The larger times are for broccoli, squash and roots. Test a piece of each out to see how your fryer or pan works the best and adjust time as you need!

  6. Once they have cooked all the way through, place them on either a cooling rack or paper towels to drain excess oil.

  7. Once you have fried everything and it’s cooled, dig in!

And there you have it! Tempura, like stated above, goes great with karaage as a dinner with some rice. It also goes well in bento! Tempura and karaage are staples together. We are sure that you will find veggie tempura more agreeable to regular veggies because they turn out a bit more sweet when cooked this way! Once could…. Say make the karaage from above and while it’s marinating, cook this recipe and then use the hot oil to cook the karaage afterwards.


FSN UBW - Tempura 3

Unfortunately, we are at the end of another “eat like your faves.” I really hope that you enjoy these each week and look forward to them. Please tell us in the comments if you’ve ever made anything from this series or if you want to see something explained! We will be more than happy to light the way.Until next time!”