Sweet - Parfait from "Restaurant to Another World"

Sweet – Parfait from “Restaurant to Another World”

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Ingredients for the Princess’s Parfait:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Brownie Bites
Chocolate Syrup

Banana (garnish)
Swirl Stick Cookies (garnish)
Wafer Cookies (garnish)
Cocoa Powder (garnish)
Mint Leaves (garnish)
Whipped cream in a can OR Home made whipped cream (garnish)

Home Made Whipped Cream
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp powdered sugar

To Make the Princess’s Parfait:

1. If you’re making your own, prepare the whipped cream. Stir together the cream, sugar, and vanilla, and put it into a whipping cream canister, if you have one. Follow canister instructions. If you don’t have a canister, use a hand mixer or hand whisk to whip to medium peaks, and place in a piping bag with a star piping tip. You can also just dollop the cream on top, if you don’t want to pipe it. Set aside in the fridge.

2. Prepare and set out your fruit so it’s ready to go. Set aside the cookies you want to use. Let ice cream soften very slightly on the counter.

3. Start layering. Put brownie bites on the bottom of your parfait glass. Follow this with scoops of vanilla ice cream. Douse with a little bit of chocolate syrup. Then, layer on mango, raspberries, and strawberries. Top with generous amounts of whipped cream. Garnish with banana and cookies. Squirt a little more chocolate sauce over the top of the whipped cream. Sprinkle a little cocoa powder over the top, and garnish with a mint leaf.

4. And it’s done! Enjoy your delicious, PAUPER KILLER curing parfait!

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