Natto Spaghetti from "Restaurant to Another World"

Natto Spaghetti from “Restaurant to Another World”

FEATURE: Cooking With Anime – This may or may NATTO be the recipe for you “Restaurant to Another World” –

Ingredients for the Natto Spaghetti:

Perilla Leaves (garnish)
1 Pack of Natto per person you are serving
Spaghetti, enough for each person you are serving
Olive Oil
Nori Strips (garnish)

To Make the Natto Spaghetti:

1. Cut perilla leaves in a chiffonade and set aside.

2. Chop natto finely. Mix with sauces that come in the packet. Set aside.

3. Boil pasta. Reserve some pasta water.

4. Drain and dress with olive oil and salt.

5. Mix just a splash of reserved pasta water into chopped natto.

6. Serve up dish! Plate pasta, pour natto on top, garnish with perilla and nori strips.

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