Onigiri Elizabeth inspired by 'Gintama"

Onigiri Elizabeth inspired by ‘Gintama”

FEATURE: Cooking With Anime – Elizabeth Onigiri inspired by ‘Gintama” – http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-feature/2017/03/29-1/feature-cooking-with-anime-elizabeth-onigiri-inspired-by-gintama


cooked white rice
filling of choice
1 white cheese slice
1 yellow cheese slice
sheet of nori
a selection of objects you can use as a guide for a circle/ a hole punch
optionally, an onigiri mold

To Make:

1. Get your face features ready first- cut out the whites of the eyes, nori circles to make the rim of the eye, pupils, and eyelashes. Then, make a beak using the yellow cheese and add a little line horizontally through it to make the beak separation line.

2. Prepare onigiri. Fill with filling of choice.

3. Decorate- place eyes and beak on. Use a toothpick to maneuver the eyelashes into place.

4. And now it’s done!!! 😀

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