May is here….

Current site news and happenings,


Got a lot of ideas still rolling around and many things to still get completed for the site.

Still trying to get the facebook connect plugin to function without having issues and bugs in it.  Our goal is to have it where, if you do have a facebook account, all you have to do is be logged in on that and when you come to the site, you are auto-logged in to our site here.  We don’t care about your info on your facebook.  This is just to make it easier on you so you don’t have to remember even more usernames and passwords.  It’s to make it easier for our members to be able to participate in the forums, etc.

We finally have our own email address just for the group! It’s and this is also our paypal email.  We set up a paypal account, just strictly online, to help keep track, a receipt system if you will, for when people purchase a group rate ticket.  We will be doing group rate ticket purchases for cons.  If you are interested, the rates are posted under upcoming events > conventions.  When you send over the money to our paypal, make sure that you have your name, correct mailing address, which convention you are wanting to attend, and if you want a nickname on our badge.  This information has to be put onto the registration form and they will ask for most of it when you go to pickup your ticket/badge. The money takes a few days to transfer out of paypal to cover for a check, and we want to beat those deadlines, so we moved our deadlines up by a few days to ensure that we get our stuff postmarked in enough time so that people will get their tickets without a hassell.  When you pick up your convention badge (con badge/pre-reg) you have to provide them with identification of who you are. Some cons sort the badges by groups or by individual names, just depends on the con.  Make sure you give them both your name, show your ID, and that you are part of the Hampton Roads Anime Society.    If anyone ever asks to see if, we can gladly provide a spreadsheet documenting the transactions.

I myself, moonfox, am very particular about money and I want a system to keep track of every penny, especially if it’s for our group, so you have no worries.


Each week we are starting to have the Anime of the Week.  Please feel free to comment in the suggestions area of what anime & manga you’d like to see showcased next.   Please provide links to great images that represent the series.  If its an anime, need an anime photo and if it is also a manga, need a manga photo.  Please provide a link to one of the best informative websites on that series and where it can be seen if still available at one of the major online sites for viewing like from the license holder (funimation, viz, etc) or at hulu, netflix, or crunchyroll.   We are not encouraging pirating.  On each anime of the week, the link to where to find merchandise will be posted as well for people to be encouraged strongly to go out and purchase the series.

<u>Ideas that are rolling around:</u>

– find a way to create a calendar to showcase anime characters birthdays.  You just click on your own birthday and see what anime characters share your special day!  We need help with this since it is a massive project for all of the data required. We need to know the character, what series they are from, their birth month and date, year is no biggie, and an image of the character or a link to an image of them.  This way when you click on the date on the calendar, you can see what the characters look like.

– we have also been adding people by email address to our address book on the email account. We are contemplating about sending out a quarterly or monthly newsletter.  We are leaning towards a quarterly newsletter and just do a monthly one here on the site.

<u>Improvements & Repairs/Fixes</u>

– work on streamlining the news feeds.  If load times are too long, will cut the page into separate pages

– work on the main page layout by fixing the menu under the top photo and probably hide most of the menu on the left side.  Will have many tests to see what works best

– may try to find a new, better calendar. One that displays better than current one and that will work with wordpress

– need people more active on the forums to help provide new content at least weekly.  We need news hounds and writers.  If you are interested in seriously helping out our site with content and have good to great grammer skills, please email me at and put in there that you’d like to be a reporter on our site.



I would like to see our group continue to grow at at least 20 new members a month if possible.  Please invite all of your friends that live in the 757 area or that are willing to commute to events in our area, besides just the local cons of AMA & Nekocon. Those who would be willing to come out and play a round of miniture golf, go blacklight bowling, go out to eat for hibachi or just for japanese food, or even to just ride around snack hunting and visiting local dealers.   We also have our flyers up on our site too so that you can print them to pass around at your schools, educational institutions, work places, libraries, and more.  We appreciate everyone who lends us a hand!  We would love to see our group break 500 members and then 1000 members, and eventually 5000 members.  Hopefully in the next 5 years we can see that!