List of Local Anime Clubs

Looking for even more otakus?  You’ve come to the right place!  Each of us have our own personalities and we may click well with others while clashing badly with others.  There are actually a few clubs in the area so that you can find the right fit for you.

There is no rule that says you can’t belong to multiple clubs 😉  

And these groups actually have physical meetings. Unlike the SEVAC here which is just web based. All of the clubs are encouraged to use our calendar to share their anime events.




  • Peninsula Anime Club (PAC) –  One of the oldest, longest running clubs in the area!  They can be found here: , as well as on facebook, – They have a regular viewing schedule and meet once a week, on Sundays.  They will continue through an entire series/season before moving on to the next one.  Please watch their site for updates on what is on the viewing schedule for the week. Also check out our calendar for when meetings take place.
  • Hampton Anime Club (HAC)– can be found on Meetup at as well as on facebook, – They are generally a social club and do lots of events where they can all get together and have fun.  They also at their meetings normally only watch a few episodes of a series to get a taste for it to see if you’d  like to go out on our own and finish up the series.  It’s like a sampler of the anime and some like it and others don’t.  This way, if it’s a series you don’t like, you only have to see a tiny bit and we move on to the next one. Check out their meetup group for when their meetings take place. If they have open social events, they do extend an invite out to other groups to join them for some fun.
  • Newport News Shipyard – they have a private group of employees who have gotten together. It’s only for employees of the shipyard. Club information can be found on the employees only website
  • VA Beach Anime Club (VBAC) – they can be found here: , as well as a page on facebook, . The members rarely have meetings, but they are on top of all of the current Japanese cultural happenings in the area. Group is currently on hiatus.
  • Great Bridge Anime Club (GBAC) – they can be found here: or Generally have a meeting once a month. Check out their website and our calendar for when meetings are going to happen. Group is currently on hiatus. The Chesapeake library on Cedar Rd now hosts 3 different groups for different age ranges.
  • Deep Creek Anime Club (DCAC) – they can be found here:, not sure if group is still active or not
  • Chibi Otaku – they can be found here on facebook, and they also have their own website that is still under construction, . This group goes on hiatus here and there. They are mainly for cosplayers and furries, but are open to all anime fans to join. They have their own form,
  • Virginia Cosplayers Club – and also on facebook,
  • Gundam Builders: Newport News – – This is a local group of people that get together and chat about Gundams and other models.
  • 757 Pokémon Society – – This is a local group of pokemon fans that are on facebook. They share all things pokemon.  The group is new, started in March 2014, and have meetings from time to time.
  • Lovely Heart Maid Cafe – “We are Lovely Heart Maid Cafe, a Hampton Roads based maid cafe event group formed by fans of anime, Akihabara, and all things moe!” They can also be found on or contacted at lovelyheartmaidcafe at
  • J Street Fashion Lovers Hampton Roads – – This is a fb group for people who love Japanese Fashions like Gyaru, Lolita, aomoji-kei, Visual-kei, [and all the other kei ]
  • Virginia Otakus – – This is a fb group that is mainly for socializing and is open to people from all over the state, not just Hampton Roads.
  • Retro Anime Club (RAC) – – This group is a facebook page group that is for the older anime series. Keep an eye on our calendar for when their meetings come up. There is also a facebook group now for them, .  They are also on meetup,  This group does have meetings from time to time and also goes on hiatus spells.
  • Hampton Roads Otaku Society (HROS) – – The group started up right after Nekocon in November 2015. They aim to be a more social group with events and such and are spontaneous in their meetings. The group is still developing. Not to be confused with us, the HRAS, Anime Society.
  • There is an unknown group that meets at WB Comics (World’s Best) in Newport News, but no one has come forward with information about the group.
  • Anime Illuminati – – This is a fb group that has a similar setup to the Anime Society but is mainly for socializing and is open to people from all over the world. Not just in Hampton Roads. It started out as a group in just Hampton Roads.
  • Otakus meetup – – This is a fb group. Mainly younger members and early 20’s. Many share interest in yaoi, yuri, and R rated things. Some 4chan. Is mainly for socializing and is open to people from all over the world. Not just in Hampton Roads. It started out as a group in just Hampton Roads.


Banzai Anime Club – Was a group back in 2011 on facebook, but shut down due to inactivity.

Hampton Roads Japanese Language and Culture Club – This group was shut down in January 2013

Newport News Anime Club (NNAC) –  they can be found here, as well as in their facebook group, . In January 2013, the club went on hiatus status/shut down.




~ Colleges/Universities ~

CNU – Christopher Newport University Anime Club – and Old Site: Only current students are allowed in the club.

ODU – Old Dominion University Anime Club – and forums and on facebook – They are open to everyone to come visit them.

TNCC  Thomas Nelson Community College Anime Club – They can be found on facebook right now. Only current students are allowed in the club.  Update: July 2015, club might be shutting down soon.

TCC – Tidewater Community College Anime Club – currently dead, needs new one started or facebook – and a fb page for it too –
– TCC NAC (Norfolk Anime Club) –
– Portsmouth Campus currently has one. Meet on Fridays from 12p-4p. Students only, but people are welcome to visit.

W&M – William & Mary Anime Society –

ECPI Anime Club – – need info on club reboot. Not sure if active anymore.

HU – Hampton University – need info

NSU – Norfolk State University  – need info




For the safety of our underage members, we will not be posting any information for contacting clubs that are for High School, Middle School, etc. unless we have approval from the group to do so. Even then, it is our decision not to share some of the websites. We will share information based sites with advisor contact info and try to avoid sites where the students are actually at for their safety.

Some of the school clubs are unofficial. Others need to be verified of existence. 

Chesapeake Public Library – Indian River Library Anime Addicts –

Chesapeake Public Library – Central, Greenbrier, South Norfolk

Newport News Public Library – Main St – was meeting home of NNAC

Suffolk Public Library

Virginia Beach Public Library – MEO Central Library Anime Club

Bethel H.S. Anime Club

Chatham H.S. Anime Club

Churchland H.S. Anime Club / Japanese Culture Society

Denbigh H.S. Anime/Japanese Club –

Deep Creek H.S. Anime Club

First Colonial H.S. Anime Club

Granby H.S. Anime Club –

Great Bridge H.S. Anime Club

Kecoughtan H.S. Anime Club

Kellam H.S. Japanese Club

Lafayette H.S. Anime Club –

Landstown H.S. Anime Club

Menchville H.S. Japanese Club –  and they also have a fb group. Addy posted with permission from president of club for 2011-2012.

Nansemond River H.S. Anime Club

Ocean Lakes H.S. Anime Club

Oscar Smith H.S. Manga Club

Passage M.S. Anime Club

Phoebus H.S. Anime Club

Princess Anne H.S. Anime Club

Salem H.S. Anime Club –

Tabb H.S. Anime Club

Tallwood H.S. Anime Club –

Warhill H.S. Anime Club

Warwick H.S. Japanese Club

Woodside H.S. Japanese Club –

York H.S. Anime Club / Anime Club of York H.S.




Anime Club Support / Help

Need screening permissions for your club? Looking for free swag packages to have a giveaway in your club? Well be sure to check out these club help sources! – Anime Clubs – – screener discs from Nozomi Entertainment and possible swag box

NiS America – – screener discs; click on Support link to email

Animeigo – – limit swag boxes to conventions and clubs that are doing public events

List of anime club support –

Harmony Gold focuses on supporting the anime fandom through our Robotech Convention Tour.

Swank Motion Pictures – – company to ask for screener permissions for use of titles in a library screening, schools, or other public venues.

Viz – and must complete the form that is needed to request screenings for both libraries and school clubs and even smaller conventions. They do not send out screeners unless the group size will be over 5000. If that is the case, please contact Ms. Ellis, elizabethellis at to put in a request.  They do say for anime clubs, you can use official discs or stream from the website to show in private settings.  You do still need to ask for public settings.

Non-existant/shut down/closed/hiatus club support – Bandai (closed), Funimation (shut down), Viz (on hiatus)

Operation Anime has been shut down. This was club support from Funimation. As of February 2014, rumor has it that Funimation may be starting back up it’s club support.




Fundraiser Help
Is your club looking for ideas on how to raise money for the club?  Well here are some to help you out!  Be sure to check out the links of each for full details.

– Club Dues – most clubs do charge dues to cover club expenses

– General Fundraisers: Bake Sale, Car Wash, Yard Sale, Raffles

– Krispy Kreme –

– Wow! Fundraising – – has lots of things for sale to help funds.  Here are the different kinds, Lots of local schools use many of these.

– Papa Johns – –  mainly for school groups

– The Popcorn Factory – – get 50% Profits for your organization.

– Scentsy – If you club has a tax ID number, you get 20% of the sales.  If not, your club can aim for a set amount of sales and collect on the host/hostess gifts.  Contact a local consultant today for more details. Yvonne Swisher –

– Partylite – – get 50% of the profit for your club

– Gold Canyon –

– Yankee Candle –


If you have more information to make this list even more detailed, feel free to contact us so that we can add it, either by commenting on our meetup page or commenting in our group on facebook. We need to add some descriptions to many of these club listings.  Thanks!!