Fall is here and so are the holidays…

Our site is slowly growing and has come a long way now.  We have a new layout going for us that we are still experimenting with to get the bugs and wrinkles ironed out.  This new layout version is more phone friendly.  We have also teamed up with meetup.com and now have our own meetup group which provides a much better calendar feature and has a mailing list for reminders.  It also comes with a new message forum.


We are still in need for people to help us gather information for some new pages for our site along with finding out who is a contact for some of the clubs.  We are missing quiet a few representatives still.


We are always open to people taking the time and providing us with new flyer designs.  They will be uploaded into our flyer photo album for everyone to share and print out to share about our group.


Still working on the big surprise, but hitting a few road blocks. As soon as this gets smoothed out, I hope to see our society grow even more in numbers.