Ever wonder what many are talking about when they say a convention’s name? Ever wonder where you could find one?  Well you’ve come to the right place!   We have a collection of conventions on this page with some basic info for each of them.  Those that may be missing info is because we were unable to locate that data, but we are working on it.  On our message forum and calendar site, you can find others who plan on attending certain conventions, this way, if you choose to, you can partner up with people who may or may not have been before and at least have a familiar when you go to one of these fun and crazy events.

The mini-cons will be listed on the calendar when we find out about them.  Be sure to check the calendar often or have your email settings from the meetup group set to at least once a week to remind you of upcoming events.  Some of the events are run by the local clubs and that info can be found under the Where to Find… menu option.

The following are all of the major conventions that are within four hours (or 200 miles) Hampton Roads. We figured the distance using the Hampton Roads Convention Center (HRCC) in Hampton as a central starting point. Many people in our area attend at least one of them, sometimes more. These are all 3-day conventions that take place starting Friday and end on Sunday.

 Animazement is generally in May – Raleigh, NC – – averages 7, 000 attendees. Little over 3 hours away from HRCC and under 200 miles

  Anime Mid-Atlantic (AMA) is generally in June – Chesapeake, VA – – averages 6,000+ attendees

  AMA Cosplay Fest is in January, New Year’s Eve – Chesapeake, VA – – averages ? attendees

  Anime USA (AUSA) is generally in the Fall – Washington, DC – – averages 4,500+ attendees

  Katsucon is generally in February – National Harbor, MD – – averages 12,000+ attendees

  Otakon is generally in July/August – Baltimore, MD – – averages 35,000+ attendees. One of the largest on the East Coast.

 Nekocon is generally in November – Hampton, VA – – averages 4,500+ attendees

Newer cons that are up and coming along with the mini-cons:

 Shobou Con  is generally in March – Chesapeake, VA – – averages 1,500 attendees – 1 day mini-con

 Kigacon, brought to you by the CNU Anime Club in Newport News, VA – – is a minicon that stretches for a few days

 ODU Minicon brought to you by the ODU Anime Club in Norfolk, VA – – is a 3 day minicon where your admission fee goes to help charity. The club strives to be one of the top fundraisers at the college each year for Relay for Life.

 Norfolk Anime Explosion  – Norfolk, VA – – startup con in 2016 with lots of negativity surrounding it. Part of the Black Materia group which runs AniMore and Star City Anime. Many are refusing to go due to rumors surrounding it. Bad communications, no website updates. – 3 day con

 Animore in Baltimore, MD – – 3 day con

 Star City Anime in Roanoke, VA – – attendance average unknown; right at 4 hours away and 240+ miles from the HRCC. Takes place in Jan/Feb generally.

 OmegaCon – Charlottesville, VA – – mainly gaming, but some anime

  Triad Anime Convention – takes place in March/April – Winston-Salem, NC – – attendance average unknown – 3 day con

  Hoshicon – Winston-Salem, NC – – seems to be random on time of year; attendance average unknown – 3 day con

 Ichibancon – Concord, NC – – is over 5 hours and 314+ miles away from HRCC – attendance average is unknown; 3 day con

 Nippon Con – Westminster, MD at McDaniel College – – right at 4 hours away and 230+ miles from the HRCC.

 T-Mode – Rockville, MD – – attendance average unknown; 3-4 hours travel time from HRCC and 189+ miles


Other cons for Cosplay opportunities:

Virginia Convention Scene –

Virginia Comic Con – – happens twice a year. Sometimes Anime Mid Atlantic will do AMA 1/2 at this con.

Tidewater Comic Con – – generally takes place in May

Hampton Comic Con – a spin off from the people who do Tidewater Comic Con.

Wizard World – Richmond, VA –

Ravencon – Williamsburg, VA – – more Sci-Fi than Anime

MarsCon – Williamsburg, VA – – Sci-Fi

FantaSci Con brought to you by the Chesapeake Public Library – more Sci-Fi than Anime

IconIcon brought to you by the Suffolk Public Library – Sci-fi and Comics with some Anime

MAGFest – National Harbor/Oxen Hill, MD – – at the Gaylord. Same spot as Katsucon, around 3-4 hours out. It’s a large gaming convention.

Intervention Con – Rockville, MD – – attendance average unknown; 3-4 hours travel time from HRCC and 189+ miles. Same spot as T-Mode.


Staffing at Conventions:

The best way to join the staff at an anime convention is to volunteer. If you are interested in any openings, it is best to check the convention’s webpage for staff drives or open positions. Here are some links to local conventions.


Anime Mid-Atlantic

Anime USA






To give you a rough idea of how far it is from your city to the convention city, you can use google maps,

For some of the latest happenings with the conventions, check out our community calendar,, where you can find staffing opportunities (if available), convention info, ticket prices, planned events during the con with cosplay groups, and more.

To find more anime conventions Nationwide and Worldwide, check out