Anime Voice Changes

Have you ever been watching an Anime and then all of a sudden realize that something just doesn’t sound right? You may have started the series years ago and something happened where you had to stop or you watched it all the way through and wanted to rewatch it again.  But you noticed that something was off with the voices.

Funimation revealed in their panel at Katuscon 19 (Feb.2013) that many of the titles that they acquired from Geneon / Pioneer, were not taken care of for their preservation.  May of the titles were not properly stored and thus had damage done to them, especially on the audio side of things. Funimation may have revealed this information sooner than this convention, but it’s when we finally heard about it.

Many of the series that Funimation is re-releasing that were originally from Geneon / Pioneer, are having to be redubbed either by the original cast, if they can still hit that vocal range, or by an entire new cast. Some of the redubbing has been good while others are so bad, people just stick with the Japanese original version.

This page is for US versions of the shows and that were dubbed in English. Not for Canada or European released shows that were dubbed by different actors for those countries.

Here are some series that have had this happen:

  • Shana – original release in US by Geneon in 199?.  Redone by Funimation with new voice cast in 2012-2013.
  • One Piece – had to be redone because of 4kids release. Redone by Funimation with new voice cast in 20??
  • The Dirty Pair features were originally dubbed by Streamline way back in the early 90s. ADV re-dubbed them for a re-release (not sure why) and now Right Stuf has them on DVD with both versions English tracks and the original Japanese.
  • Akira received two dub releases. The original English Streamline one and the 2001 Pioneer English dub.
  • A Certain Magical Index was originally dubbed by Geneon / Pioneer.  Years later when Funimation got the title, it had to be redone with a new voice cast.
  • Robotech had different voice casts
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind movie was re-dubbed with a new cast


Here are some that during the series had voice actor changes:

  • Sailor Moon – Original had Terri Hawkes as Sailor Moon and then by Sailor Moon S, Tracey Moore took over the character. Then in 2015, the original anime series was purchased by Viz Media for redistribution in the US market. Viz got an entire new voice cast and redubbed the entire series.  They are also the same voices that will be in the Sailor Moon Crystal series which is based off the manga adaptation of the series.
  • The Slayers had two actors for the main character. For Lina was mainly Lisa Ortiz, but Cynthia Martinez did Slayers Excellent, Slayers Special, and the movies. Central Park Media had the first 4 seasons and Funimation had the last 2. Those have the same voice cast. ADV owned the OAV/movies, which had a different actor.
  • Jinki:Extend was originally put out by Section 23 Films (under the same family that does Sentai Filmworks) in 2006-2008 and was later released by Funimation with a different voice cast in late 2010 with a few voice actor changes


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