About Us



This group was created in October 2011 to provide a place for all anime fans in the southeastern area of Virginia to come together in one place to get all of their anime news and find out current events.  In April 2016, we underwent a name change from Hampton Roads Anime Society (HRAS) to SouthEastern Virginia Anime Community (SEVAC). This was due to much confusion within the community of people getting the name mixed up with 2 other groups and another group having a name too similar to ours.

Some call us a news group while others refer to us as the online hub or watering hole for otakus in Hampton Roads.  Feel free to join us, take a look at local clubs, chat about your favorite series or least favorite, share pictures, share anime related events, chat about cons, share links to cons and other anime related material, ask questions, and just enjoy yourself.


To show unity to a fandom that has forgotten it. It is to show that despite our different anime and manga tastes, we all do still like the same thing: anime and manga.  It is to help tear down the negative walls that have been created by the fans regarding the different conventions.  To give reminders that we are all in the same fandom.  It is to let people know that just because you don’t fit into a club you still have people to share your fandom with.  It’s to remind the clubs that they too are part of a fandom.   Many of us get lazy about commuting to the different clubs or we may have personality clashes with other members, but we are still all part of the the anime and manga fandom.


If you live in the 757 and you enjoy anime and manga, then you’ve come to the right place! This group is set up specifically for locals who live in the Hampton Roads area within the 757 area code. In this group, you will be able to find a local club to join or just be able to find friends from around the area.

Our area includes: ChesapeakeHampton, James City CountyNewport News, NorfolkPoquoson, PortsmouthSuffolkVirginia BeachWilliamsburg, Yorktown/York County, and any of the smaller counties that have 757 for their phone number area code.

If you are willing to commute and you live in the 804 and other areas outside of the Hampton Roads area, you are more than welcome to join us.

We are an online community or community message board for people to stop by to see what is happening in the area that is anime related and will not hold any physical meetings.

Community Rules

We will all strive to be our best and friendly towards one another.  Please try to be polite and coordial with one another.  If someone grates your nerves, block their posts (On the right side of their post is a down arrow, on facebook.  Select that and you can block all posts by that person).  We ask that you please refrain from being negative. If you don’t like something that someone posts, then please don’t respond.  Trolling, flame wars, name calling, and bullying will NOT be tolerated.  You can have a healthy debate over something, but when it starts to get heated it will be deleted.


Our group on Facebook is a gathering place for many otaku in Hampton Roads.  People pop in from time to time to get the latest news for what events are happening with the other local clubs, where they can talk anime and manga, share in games, chit chat, share anime and manga related links, buy, sell, trade anime and manga related merchandise, learn about conventions, and more.

You will see events posted from time to time on here as well from other clubs inviting people to join in.  If we have an event, you can also find it listed in your events section of your facebook as well as in the calendar.

We also have a Facebook page that we share memes, news, and events on.

Feel free to add all of your friends that you know like anime and manga and that live in the 757.  All are welcome to join.

Local Anime Clubs

You will be able to find a list of the local clubs on this site.  Underage groups will not have the contact information for the safety of those minors.  But the other clubs have supplied their contact information.  If you are looking for a club, you’ve come to the right place.  If we are missing any clubs from our list, let us know so that we can add them. For those who cannot find a club that works well for them, you still have people here in the group to befriend and to share your love of anime and manga with.

Young Otaku

We will more than likely start to acquire underage members to the group. Please be a responsible adult and watch out for them. Don’t take advantage of them.  No over 18 content including hentai, yaoi, yuri, etc.  If you are chatting about a series that is for older individuals, please include an age warning. We can’t control what the underage crowd will read or watch, but we can try to prevent some things from happening.

Our Staff and Contact Information

Email: TBD

Founder:  MoonFox
Super Admin/Tech:  James B.
Admin: MoonFox
Editors: Michelle C., ?
Website Contributors: the entire community
Club Representatives: We do have many people from the local anime groups who are in this group that can answer any questions you may have.